Lapland 2007

Kens Lapland Husky Trek

This is the story of the Trek by Ken Cramond as part of a team crossing Lapland with a team of Huskies.

The aim of the trek was to use husky teams to cross Northern Norway from a place called Helligskogen to Jukkasjarvi  in Sweden.

We would skirt around the Finnish border but not go into Finland. We would have needed a special permit to take the dogs in to Finland due to Rabies prevention.

 I hope the Finnish authorities have told this to all the wildlife in Norway and Sweden that wander between these countries (and Finland) every day!.

The total distance sledded would be over 250km. We would travel on average 50km per day, and would be totally out of communication with the outside world. We had a satellite telephone which we could use in emergency.

We would have to look after our own husky team including feeding them first before anything else!

We would sleep in tents and have to endure temperature which would be on average      

-7c, and lower at night

Picture behind:  Me on a good day "Mushing" with my team of dogs

Notes on the web site:
It is difficult in the pictures to pick out individuals due to us being well wrappped up. You can usually make me out, as I usually wore a black and yellow ski type jacket. (Except during the storm when I wore a black down jacket over the top)

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Kens Lapland Husky Trek describes the expedition I carried out at the Beginning of April 2007. The trip was scheduled then to avoid the worst of the Arctic Winter weather and also get a reasonable amount of daylight. (It got light at about 6.00am and dark at about 9.00pm) There would also still be good amounts of snow and the lakes we would cross would still be frozen (About 60-70cm of ice).

The group I travelled with were from all over the country. A few knew each other already, but many such as myself were to meet the rest of the group for the first time at Heathrow.

I had chosen to support Cancer Research as described in my fund raising web page.

 Several different Charities were being supported. The average amount raised by each of the 14 people was over £4000 (at the time of writing). Many continued to get more money in once they got home for many weeks after.


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